real examples - product data flow and distributed ecommerce

Cut, paste, sell

Using the foundations of our Unified Commerce API, your product data flows to partners, resellers and other websites using simple HTML and JavaScript tags.  Cut and paste the tags onto any web page and they transform into always up to date and accurate selling engines.  Partners can leverage existing shopping carts or use our universal shopping cart to accept orders or push orders to drop ship directly into your ecommerce workflow.

Parts Diagram

Build quotes and BOMs for replenishment and service with complex parts diagrams syndicated to partner web sites and portals.  Add clickable hot spots to guide the shopping experience.  Include related information such as fitment, quantity guidelines, availability and documentation.

Product Configurator

The configurator prompts shoppers to select from simple questions to arrive at the correct item thus increasing satisfaction and reducing returns.   Any change you make in your product data flows into the configurator in real-time including images, pricing, documentation and more.

Full Catalog

Syndicate entire product catalogs to your partners and ensure that they always present the best and most recent product data and marketing content.  Include installation instructions, replacement part numbers, documentation and FAQs to service consumers on all B2B and B2C channels.

Basic Product

Provide single and multi-variant products along with all the documentation, installation instructions and service articles to make sure everyone is on the same page.  Cut and paste into any page and just about any platform to extend your products anywhere, in real-time.

Customized Product

Offer selectors and pickers for complex and personalized products.  Easily determine color selection, monogramming and other customizations along with other important content such as service and warranty information.  No product has too many options.