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Get your product data to market in milliseconds, instead of months.

We give you the ultimate toolbox for getting real-time product data to market in a way that works for everyone. Through our API-centric, service oriented approach, we provide a complete platform to distribute and automate your product data. All in a single, simple solution that gets you up and going quickly, is easy to understand and flexible enough to handle the ever changing multi-channel ecommerce landscape.

Whether your business is managing all data in EBIZPLATFORM, bringing in data from external sources, or just trying to get your most valuable data assets into the safety of the cloud, the results are the same – products get to market faster and more sales happen.

Delivery Models

Our platform gets data to market in several ways.

A spreadsheet imported into a system that creates a new spreadsheet is still just a messy and error-prone spreadsheet.  We eliminate this problem by getting your product data to your receivers and partners in friendlier and timelier formats.

  • Product Data API

    Connect your partners and receivers to our powerful and fully documented product data REST API and extend data and digital assets in real-time. New product data updates become available immediately and can be transformed for any use including custom ecommerce experiences. Make a change and the whole world has it.

    API Documentation

  • Simple Syndication

    Using small HTML/JS tags, enable partners to display your products without the hassle of onboarding massive datasets and chasing updates. Shoppers can also post orders directly into their existing shopping cart. Syndicate smart configurators, parts diagrams, documentation and images, or even entire product catalogs.

    See Demos

  • Automation

    We are as customizable as your products are. We know different partners have different ways they want to receive data. No problem. Our platform gives partners several options so they can be alerted of and receive accurate and timely data on their schedule via FTP, data feed or a secure download location.

Monetize Your Product Data

Watch our video about how EBIZPLATFORM gets product data to market ahead of your competition and gets your partners selling immediately, without having to chase never-ending product data updates.

See simple demos:

Cut and paste a few lines of HTML and your partners are selling within minutes without any need for developers.


The way your product data is used in the marketplace will tell you a lot.

When your data is being used all over the web, useful tidbits of information bubble up into actionable intelligence.

  • See which products are most popular on partner web sites
  • Discover missing or incomplete product data
  • Find “fitment gaps” based on actual shopper behavior
  • Drill down to actual customer interactions and click paths
customer stories
Whoever gets their product data to market first gets the sale!
The people of EBIZPLATFORM have been instrumental getting new data to the marketplace in a complete format as fast as possible!
Jons van Dooren - VP Marketing and Sales - Intro Tech Automotive