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Transform your product data hassle into a valuable business asset.

Typical manufacturers and suppliers struggle in managing multiple data sources and product data contributors. The results generally include fragmented silos of product data and assets scattered across multiple systems requiring specialized expertise among many departments. EBIZPLATFORM enables content managers, product managers, engineers and marketing teams to easily collaborate and create a “single source of truth” of all product data which can be used to drive sales and empower partners.


Our clients know that if their product data isn't up to speed, they're behind the competition.

  • Single Content Repository

    Eliminate data silos. Guide your entire product content strategy using a single tool designed to handle multiple contributors and facets of the product content lifecycle. Use simple drag and drop features to quickly upload new assets such as images and documents. Run reports on content health and missing data.

  • Decrease Time to Market

    Using our data flow tools and API, your data gets to market immediately – not tomorrow, not next week, not next month. Research shows that sales for new products are often driven by new applications or vehicles entering the market. Customers want to buy now, help them do it!

  • Omni-channel Enablement

    Different channels require different data formats – EBIZPLATFORM allows you to get your data to market instantly in a format that works for everyone.  Connect your partners to our powerful REST API, provide them with HTML/JS tags or allow partners to schedule downloads of your product data at their convenience.  

  • High Availability

    All content is located in the Microsoft Azure Cloud and delivered via the CloudFlare CDN network allowing for lightning fast and secure delivery of all product data. Your content is cached worldwide so regardless of where the request is coming from the path to retrieval is minimal.


EBIZPLATFORM is changing the way companies are managing product data...and that changes everything.

  • Product Content

    Easily add, edit and maintain your product content.  Create rich product descriptions and specifications with an easy-to-use WYSIWYG editor.  Drag and drop images, documents and more.

  • Manage Product Information

    Manage SKUs, part numbers, units of measure and inventory and pricing in a single view.  Import and export in friendly formats to reduce the burden of portibility.

  • Manage Assets

    Save images and documentation such as installation instructions, brochures or warranty information using simple drag-and-drop tools to a world-wide content delivery network.

  • Features and Attributes

    Define custom attributes that fully describe your products.  Create configurators, pickers and parts diagrams to help your customers find exact matches, reducing returns and customer confusion.

  • Fitment and Field Use

    Empower your customers and partners to filter your product catalogs down to just products that fit their field applications – whether your field uses are equipment, vehicles or a new cutting edge IoT deployment. Maintain key data on in-field applications for precision marketing activities.

  • Reporting

    Use built-in reporting to see where your data is being used and viewed.  Proactively find flaws in your data and fix them quickly and easily.   Gain insights into sales activities that use your data on partner websites.

Product Data Enablement

Enable your product data management strategy in a few easy steps.

Great product data drives sales, differentiates your brand from the competition and shortens the sales cycle.   Product data is the fuel of any successful ecommerce campaign, but requires a sound platform and partner to execute.

customer stories
"EBIZPLATFORM enables us to store all of our products, related content and technical details such as fitment, technical reports and product certificates all in one place. This has allowed us to create a seamless ordering and quoting experience with tailored content for all of our trading partners."
Business Development Manager - Aeronautical Accessories - A Bell Helicopter Company